Welcome To Myra

An alternative perception to cultural lifestyle, fashion & beauty, food and wellbeing in the format of a luxury publication. Integrated with content that resonates among British Asians, building a community where we are able to connect, advice, confide, support and inspire to achieve the greatness that we all have.  Fuelling and inspiring creative identities to freely express culture and heritage by providing a balance.

Myra Magazine aims to blur the boundaries between being Asian and British – bringing us closer in building a community that is more accepting.
Understanding and acknowledging the various different girls and women who should be rewarded for their self-made approach to life, their courage and spirit of never giving-in or giving-up, in-search for creative inspiration and thought provoking topics. Being able to explore matters and issues freely together that seem to be outside the boundaries of conventional thinking, which is very important to us when building our community.

We are all keen to preserve everything we grew up culturally speaking of course. Growing up away from your native country, entering the education system and a multi-cultural society allows us to be enriched with knowledge and opportunities (never a negative). Myra aims to promote the celebration of multi-cultural societies where we benefit from the influences that come from both cultures. Having ‘dual-identity’ offers a unique experience of dipping in and out of both cultures, but also attempting to find our own unique place and role within society.

Myra celebrates the beauty of being British Asian in the 21st century, along with the struggles that come when the two cultures collide – being able to maintain a balance is something that we strive for at Myra. We want to create a community to inspire, aid and encourage women to be nothing but empowered individuals.

Myra encompassing current trends and styling ideas, striving to capture and cultivate this by showcasing inspirational and informative features covering business, career, travel, architecture, interior, art and design, fashion and lifestyle. We enjoy the art of mixing and matching, styling and embellishing, juxtaposing and merging things and elements of fashion to create masterpieces in the simplest ways. We do not believe in set trends, but spoiling ourselves with the rich fashion culture that surrounds us – which we want to celebrate and share.