Resolution You All Can Try

Resolution You All Can Try

In the end of the year frenzy, we definitely let our healthy lifestyle slip a bit and our focus wasn't crystal clear either. But that's what New Year's resolutions are all about - getting back on track and making small changes that will help 2017 be the better year.
We at HQ have compiled a list of our favourite 30 resolutions that everyone can do and how to fulfill them.
Scroll through for inspiration on how to improve your life this year.


|1| Drink more champagne (we know it's good for your health) and we can come up with at least 22 reasons why you should always have it on hand.

|2| Make coffee at home instead of dropping dollars on an artisanal blend everyday.

|3| Revamp your living room with a coffee table makeover.

|4| Start a podcast.

|5| Stop worrying (as much).

|6| Plan a trip to South America.

|7| Create an evening ritual that helps you wind down at the end of the day.

|8| Do like Arianna Huffington and make sleep a priority.

|9| Skip the juice cleanse and do a digital detox instead.

|10| Learn a week's worth of new recipes.

|11| Cross at least one destination off your travel bucket list.

|12| Keep a gratitude journal.

|13| Throw a themed dinner party.

|14| Start meditating.

|15| Start yourself a professional goal and do everything in your power to make it happen.

|16| Declutter your home and workspace.

|17| Try a new form of exercise.

|18| Stop procrastinating once and for all.

|19| Streamline your Gmail. You'll feel like a new person when your inbox is organised.

|20| Take control of your finances.

|21| Learn to be a better negotiator.

|22| Start a new passion project. You never know where it will lead!

|23| Remove the word "sorry' from your vocabulary (at least during business hours.)

|24| Do something you've never done before.

|25| Take care of yourself. You can never underestimate "me time".

|26| Stop repeating the same relationship mistakes.

|27| Add a dash of daring décor, like a fun wallpaper, to your home.

|28| Work smarter, not harder.

|29| Great creative with date night.

|30| Learn a new skill like coding.

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