Save The Date - First Date

Save The Date - First Date

We are giving you 14 fool-proof ways of mastering the first date.

There are just way too many ways in acquiring a date: texting, social media interactions (especially Instagram), the resurrection of dating apps like Tinder, with those special occasions officially marking the rise of Queen Bey's panic-stricken 'single lady'.
It's summer, we all will be dating more so than any time of the year. If there's one thing we could all use a little more of in this world, it's real, raw, genuine relationship advice.
Myra HQ have been working on 14 ways for you to nail that date, figuratively speaking of course.


Go Natural,It is important to show your date what you actually look like. Remember, men always like it nude, even if it is make up.

Do not wear anything that you can't walk, eat or breathe in. So, ditch those five-inch Louboutins, or that suffocatingly-fitted dress, and opt for comfortable clothing. Nothing man-repellent either.

Being fashionably late doesn't work in this scenario. So, even if you would take five hours to prep (we don't judge), it is always best to work backwards and show up on time.

Put your phone away. The biggest deal breaker is trying to have a conversation with someone who is more interested in their phone than you. So, those nine Facebook notifications can wait. Also, checking-in, tweeting or taking pictures while he isn't looking, is just creepy.

One does not interrogate, or mentally carry a checklist. Casually ask questions, and stick to relevant topics other than relationships.

A surefire way of not getting asked out again is by spilling out unnecessary details of your life. He really doesn't need to know about the stone-hearted ex, kleptomaniac roommate or the crazies in office. Sensor what you say.

Be decisive. An 'I don't know' or 'it's up to you' is an earth-shattering letdown to all those feminist trying to prove our superhuman capabilities.

Drink moderately. You don't want to be carried home by someone you remotely know, or worst-case scenario: end up weeping at the dinner table.

Don't mention other guys. The last thing your date wants to hear, is a laundry list of boys lining up for you. The next thing he will expect is a 'you can't sit with us,' complete with the snapping.

Eat like a normal person. We know you're on the banana diet, but doesn't need to see it in real time. 

Even though it is a date, and technically the man must foot the bill, who says you shouldn't offer? Don't overdo it by insisting or throwing a fit. Be graceful.

Hold onto your racing hormones. Don't invite anyone home. Yet, it only gives an impression that you're looking for a casual fling, or a FWB thing, which, my friend, is not something you want.

After the date, wait for him to text first. If he does, way to go! And if he doesn't... move on. It's not like you missed out on your future husband by not making the first move.

Be real. Nothing scares a man faster than a woman who's already mentally making babies with him, and a close second would be naming them too. We understand the excitement, but remember, it's merely a date.


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