Kareena's Guide To Happiness

Kareena's Guide To Happiness

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Guide To Being Happy And Loving Yourself.

Whether her confidence is a defence against being stared at nearly all her life or the result of it, Kareena is a great example of the revolutionary effects of self-love.
At 35, she's glowing with good health, happily married, satisfied at work she does and the price she commands (she's among the highest-paid actresses in Bollywood) and almost cat-like in her contentment with life. So sure, maybe moderation is key and happiness comes from within yadi yadi yada, but what specific steps did Kareena take to get to this happy place. 


| Be Kind To Yourself |

Kareena's first consulted nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar after she was nationally panned for her appearance in Don (2006). Kareena made a commitment to get in better shape but she didn't beat herself up over it.
"I was always very comfortable in my skin. Even when I was 68 kilos, like I was in Don and Refugee." 
Kareena's philosophy through it all has been: "Life is too short and no amount of success, fame or money can make you happy. At the end of the day, I'd rather focus on spending time with my family, playing with my dogs and eating good food."

| Keep Away From Twitter |

Just because you're tough enough to face criticism doesn't mean you have to subject yourself to it all the time. You won't find Kapoor anywhere on social media. It's a shame, because she has a personality - and a strong selfie game made for Instagram.
"Social media is like a drug: if you have five million followers, you want to get to 10, then 15 - it's never enough. Then, there's so much scrutiny online and everyone has to have an opinion on everything. I'm a private person and I'm happier to be out of it. I'm not too much in the Bollywood circles. It's like, I'm there but I'm not all there; I'm close but I'm not that close. It's nice to be a little balanced in a profession like this."

| Eat The Damn Cake |

"On holidays, the first thing I do is get pizza and french fries."
Kareena has frequently described herself as a 'greedy girl'. She wants the epic red-carpet moments and the fries, and everything in between. The secret to having it all, disappointingly enough, is portion control. Ration out your pleasures so that they don't get in the way of your goals.

| Pity The Fools |

Over the years, Kareena has been criticised for a variety of things: she does too many brainless blockbusters (too much Rohit Shetty, not enough Mani Ratnam), she doesn't get along with her peers (Aishwarya, Priyanka, Bipasha) and seriously she's better than some of those item numbers. "Everyone should do what makes them happy; if tearing someone else down brings you happiness, you should do that."

| Protect Your Passion |

An interview with film journalist Rajeev Masand five years ago, Kareena said: "I want to be like Zohra Sehgal. Dying in a studio, that's my dream." Meaning she intends to be an actor all her life. Her other film idol is Meryl Streep, so you know she's serious about this. "Most people don't like their jobs. It isn't what they're interested in or it doesn't play out the way they want it to. But if you've found a career you love, you must protect it. I'm passionate about my work, whether I'm doing a good film or a bad film. I've been working since I was 18 and I will continue till I'm 80. We're constantly running after the 20-year-olds. This is the circle of life, I don't battle it. But no one can take my talent away from me. That's my weapon and I protect myself with it."

| Get A Dog |

When Kareena moved in with now-husband Saif Ali Khan, he convinced her to let them get a dog. "I call Leo, our pug, my first-born son. All he wants to do is eat and sleep. Elvis, our Jack Russell Terrier, is a handsome fellow and gets a lot of attention when he's out on his walks."
No matter how hectic her life, Kareena still makes time for Leo and Elvis.

| Know Who You Are |

"I enjoy song and dance. It's not a crime. But everyone's so vociferous. There are so many issues in our country, corruption, poverty, water problems, illiteracy, yet people make these statements about how item songs are affecting society. For years now, since Helenji's time, we've been doing item songs. there are different kinds of movies being made today. Everything doesn't have to have a message. We are actors, not politicians."
Discipline and greed, blockbusters and small films, living on set are reading by the fire. A little bit of everything, with fries on the side.

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