Fall In Love Rangeen

Fall In Love Rangeen

Fall In Love Again - Rangeen

In Rangeen, a family wedding celebration brings longtime friends, Maya and Maritza, played by Freida Pinto and Maritza Veer, to Rajasthan, India. Maritza brings along an unexpected travel companion, her brother, who immediately takes interest in Maya. It doesn’t take long before she lets her shyness fall away and the two take off together for adventures in the city. Love finally blossoms amidst the Holi Festival where they find their true colors unveiled.

Rangeen has received an “Official Selection” for the International Fashion Film Awards and La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

Models: Maritza Veer, Freida Pinto, Thomas Bull
Photographer: Guy Aroch @ Jed Root, Inc.
Hair: Tania Travers @ Anima Creative
Makeup: Deanna Hagan

“At Free People, India holds a special place in our hearts — it forever has and will continue to inspire our designs and visual elements of our stores.  Its rich culture is one that I hope to experience one day,”
- Julia Editorial Manager - 
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