Eat Whatever You Want This Holiday Season

Eat Whatever You Want This Holiday Season

How to eat whatever you want without gaining weight this holiday season.
This season is seriously all about food. Good news for the constantly hungry girls, bad news for our waistlines. Everybody talks about winter weight gain because it's such a common occurrence.

For Christmas cakes to turkey it's impossible to stay strict with yourself during Christmas. Luckily, there are a few tips to help you eat whatever you want and keep you weight down.

| 1 | Eat An Apple Before You Sit For A Meal |

Okay, let's set the scene, you're with your family with a huge Christmas dinner on it's way. Usually we're all ravenous by the time you sit down to eat, and we clear our plates in record time. That's a big no-no.

Eating when you're seriously hungry can cause you body to store more of what you eat. An hour and a half before you eat, grab an apple. It's full of fiber so it'll slowly fill you up, not too much to spoil you dinner, but just enough to stop you eating way too much.

| 2 | Don't Eat While You Cook |

Yeah, we all do it. We all lick the spoon after making cakes and munch on bread while we're cooking. It's particularly bad during the holiday season when there are a wide variety of dishes being prepared at once. To avoid this, chew gum while you cook. It's a genius tip to curb cravings.

| 3 | Think Before (and while) You Eat |

Piling your plate too high means you feel obliged to finish everything.
You shouldn't!
Start with a small portion and go back for seconds, even if you know your brother will grab all the roast potatoes, it's better to start small and have room for more dessert.

While you're eating, take small sips of water or wine, chew mindfully and engage in conversation. The longer it takes to eat, the fuller you'll be.

| 4 | Be Aware Of Your Drinks |

Christmas is the season of drinking.
Wine is a lower calorie option if you don't want to overdose on 300+ calorie eggnog plus a huge meal, but if there was ever a time to go over-the-top, it's Christmas.

| 5 | Eat Whatever You Want (but keep moving) |

Second helpings, Go You! The only catch is, you should try to do some exercise every day. Whether you're walking the dog, skipping, star jumping in your bedroom while your family watches some television. YouTube workouts - you can easily fit activity in during the holiday season.

Gym attendance fall to a serious low during the holidays, so check out some of these easy YouTube Workouts if you need an excuse to work off those Christmas cocktails.

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