The Perfect Gift For A Host

The Perfect Gift For A Host

If your mother taught you to never show up at someone's house empty handed - She was RIGHT.
There is nothing more thoughtful than bringing a gift for the hostess. This is a way of thanking the party-giver for their efforts and for including you in the celebrations. However, given the wrong way / one, it can end up causing more stress than pleasure.

• Getting The Old Tricks Right •

| 1. Alcohol |

You may not realise how important food and alcohol pairing is. For instance, your host may be serving a light dinner - so the wild berry vodka you just bought is a complete mismatch. For the classic gift to be a hit, bring wine / alcohol that has a story. Something from a vineyard or vintage that is quite impressive. Always make sure it is not chilled, because that only implies that you are asking the hostess to open and pour you a glass.

| 2. Food |

Cookies, with nuts? Have you considered the idea of allergies? Gourmet cheese for those on a diet?
If you are insistent on bringing food arrangement, so you arrive with a dish that will match the menu.

| 3. Flowers |

Firstly, your host will have to take time away from greeting people, hunt for a suitable vase and attend to your gift. Secondly, they may be particular about their décor and if, you happen to get something that clashes, it's nothing less than a carnal sin. Re-think the flowers, unless you send them ahead of time by delivery.

• Forbidden Gifts •

| 1. Artwork |

Do you want your host to be the proud owner of a huge framed graphic with two bisons rummaging through the wilderness? So unless they have specifically requested a particular work of art, it's best not to assume you know their taste.

| 2. Plants |

Mother Nature will be pleased, but unless you are certain that your hostess has a green thumb, as a general rule avoid presents that require any kind of work.

| 3. Decorative Soap |

The dust collector of all gifts. No one really uses them, and you wouldn't have the heart to dump them. You know what we're talking about, you have some in your bathroom right now, and you're clearly not a fan. Add any kind of decorative 'show piece' to this list.

| 4. Gifts With Quotes |

If you ever wanted to buy the lawyer you were visiting a T-shirt what says "I sue. Therefore I am," do not indulge this. Unless, the host is under the age of 16, you exceptional gift will be met with a wave of disdain.

| 5. Photo Frames |

A phenomenon in the 1990's, every home had at least five frames lying unused in their cabinets. In the age where photos are only framed (liked and appreciated) on Facebook and Instagram, gifting one may seem odd. No, even the digital ones won't do.

| 6. Re-gift |

Do not even think of wrapping up that awful present you've hidden away. You can only re-gift items that are desirable, perhaps heirlooms or something with deep sentimental value. Do not re-gift unless you're absolutely certain the person receiving it will never be around the person who gave it to you. We highly recommend you playing it safe and simple and buying a gift.

• Unique Gifts •

| 1. Vintage Tea Chest |

There is nothing more serene and pleasant than an antique, wooden tea box. Fill it with exotic tea leaves for those who enjoy a good brew. Teaming it with a handwritten note is warm, and will be appreciated.

| 2. A Box Of Spices |

If your host loves cooking, you could gift them an assortment of carefully picked seasonings. An interesting spice-infused hamper will only encourage them to stir up another feast.

| 3. Personalised Playing Cards |

Graciously thank your host with monogrammed playing cards. For those who love to indulge in a game of rummy or poker. You can anticipate being invited again, and don't be surprised if it's a durbar-themed one.

| 4. Unusual Out-Of-Print Book |

There is no better gift than bringing back warm reading memories, with a collector's editon, or an out-of-print book. It would take some hunting, but for a delicious meal that's taken hours to prepare, it's worth the miniscule struggle.

| 5. Fanales |

This one's a winning alternative to decorative candles that never get lit up, because you just cannot have the rose-shaped wax melt into a distorted mess. Fanales are easy to maintain, work on battery and make flaunt-worthy presents.

ps. While some of the forbidden may be your favourites, remember that a host or hostess gift should please the recipient and not the gift-giver. So don't forget the wrapping paper, clear cellophane and a ribbon to add that extra personal touch.

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