Things Clean Eaters Need

Things Clean Eaters Need

9 Things Every Clean Eater Needs In Their Kitchen

Getting regular exercise is equally as important as eating clean in order to achieve results. Stocking your kitchen with essentials can help you stay on the right path. We are using Shiva Rose an LA base skincare expert and holistic lifestyle guru's list of clean ingredients she keeps on hand.

Shiva's tips prove that not all good health habits start with cleansing. Maybe consider on what you can give rather than take away from your body to feel your best.
We at Myra HQ have created a list to get you inspired with eating clean.

| 1 | Lemon

There are many benefits to starting each day with a glass of warm water with lemon. This digestive aid and immune booster cleanses the liver and kidneys which helps with dark circles under your eyes and skin issues.

| 2 | Ghee

Ayurveda practitioners and Hindu women have used ghee, or clarified butter, for centuries. Rich in vitamin A and E, ghee benefits the skin, hormones and hair.

| 3 | Organic Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Eating these vitamin-packed gems from the Earth give us vitamins, minerals and fibers that help us achieve glowing skin. Berries, are especially rich in antioxidant which help with graceful aging.

| 4 | Raw Dairy

A healthy gut is vital for glowing, flawless skin. The raw dairy also is chock full vitamin, protein and minerals that are bodies crave. You'll notice overtime how the liver probiotics keep your digestive system working.

| 5 | Tonics That Promote Good Health

Some of our fitness team use a variety of tonics like: He Shou Wu (for hair growth and luster), Pine Pollen (anti-aging), Reishi (for anti inflammatory properties and balance), Ashitaba (great for women's hormones and high B vitamin content). You can mix the tonics up in a cup of hot water and add nut milk, like pumpkin or sunflower seed.
One of our teams favourite places to hit is Sun Potion.

| 6 | Mineral Water

The regular water we usually consume is dead water that has no mineral content. Drinking fresh water that is alive from springs can give us back the elements that we need from Mama Earth. To find a fresh spring in your area, check out the website Find A Spring. It's also important to avoid drinking water from toxic plastic bottles.

| 7 | Manuka Or Raw Honey

We do not give these wondrous creatures enough respect and credit. We as a company are obsessed and grateful that we can use their golden elixir. Honey is a wonderful skin mask and the antibacterial qualities make this an excellent sweetener.

| 8 | Bone Broth

Now many of you may be a die-hard vegetarian for the most part. But bone broth can be used in a medicinal way. This is a rich source of animal protein is crucial for collagen build up in our bodies.

| 9 | Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe juice can help balance the acidic system and it also helps the skin heal and regenerate.

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